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At a professional level, with a team of employees with long-term practical experience, we are trying to provide for full-value accounting services for our clients pursuant to the applicable legislation. We offer general, accounting, and tax advisory to our clients. Our big advantage consists in the cooperation and methodical support of internal auditors and auditor assistants of the audit company, INTERAUDIT INTERNATIONAL, s.r.o. and cooperation of the tax advisor and tax advisor assistants of CONSULTAX, k.s.
We provide our clients with "on-line" consultations through phone calls or via-emails. Thus, the clients have the possibility to operatively consult unclear issues and questions during business negotiations, when making economic decisions, or when entering into contracts or agreements. We offer the following services to our clients:


INTERAUDIT Topoľčany, s.r.o.
Nám. Ľ. Štúra 18
Topoľčany 955 01
Ing. Iveta Filová
tel.: +421 903 206 748

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