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We are providing for personnel and payroll agenda outsourcing, as a service offered to clients, with the goal of a full transfer of the administrative and professional burden from the client´s environment to our company, where we are providing, through our experienced professionals and by using effective information systems, for a high-quality service. Requirements of each client are always being implemented through an individual approach, by adjusting deadlines and form of cooperation. Agendas are always being kept in compliance with the applicable legislation of labour law, social and health insurance law, and tax law.

The main goal is to release the client from all obligations and concerns related to the provision for keeping the agenda. For this reason and through power of attorney, the client is fully represented in all relevant institutions by our authorised employees.

We have extended our basic activities of keeping personnel and payroll agenda by an offer of analyses and managerial reports as per client´s individual requirements and personnel and payroll advisory.

Basic Activities of Keeping Payroll and Personnel Agenda:


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Ing. Jana Dvoráková
tel.: +421 903 449 888

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